User Profile Directory

 This add in gives you a new responsive web part which lists all your users according to filters you determine and displays your choice of their profile information.  The following describes some of the key uses and features for the User Profile Directory add in.

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Features Overview

List of Upcoming Birthdays


 List upcoming birthdays in the next (any number) of days with a simple filter setting in the template.  The starter birthdays template is built in and can be customized. 

List of Upcoming Work Anniversaries


 List upcoming work anniversaries in the next (any number) of days with a simple filter setting in the template.  Like birthdays, the starter anniversaries template is built in and can be customized. 

Custom Template Builder


 Edit the web part settings and check the box to show templates.  A link will become available in the part to customize your template's search, filter, and Javascript, or to create a new custom template. 

Contact Options


 Edit the web part settings and choose whether users should contact those in the list by email or via the default message service (SIP). 

Instant Filtering


 Use the search bar at the top of the web part and instantly filter based on available fields.  Results narrow as typed. 

Search Query and Filter


 Set a beginning search query for a particular template to narrow results to those which contain a particular word or phrase.  The filter field can be used for more specific filtering of results, such as to only results where there is mobile phone number available. 

Works Out Of Box


 The web part will work as soon as you install the app and add the part to your page.  Begin using it and seeing results right away.   

Change the look to match your brand


Create your own templates to refine and customize to meet your needs.  We recommend updating the settings to use managed properties for birthday and anniversary filtering for improved efficiency.

Managed Property Support for Improved Efficiency


 Managed properties are a SharePoint feature that allow you to give searchable fields a custom name and properties, then search for results from that field.  We recommend setting up managed properties for SPS-Birthday and SPS-HireDate in your tenancy then entering the names you've chosen into the web part's setting.  This allows for improved efficiency as search returns birthday and anniversary results in larger sets rather than per user. 

Learn more about Managed Properties